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End of season recovery

It is important each year to have an adequate recovery from the hard training undertaken during the year.

Running is an impact sport and as such takes considerably more time to recover than most other sports which do not have the amount of impact experienced by runners.

Recovery Meals

Recovery Meals / Post-Workout 

by P.P.

Effect of exercise

Exercising burns up amino acids, glucose, and glycogen stored in the muscles. Upon completion, your muscles are more receptive to accepting nutrients that would restore and repair levels found in the muscles.

Fast Recovery from intensive sporting activities

Speedy recovery from exercise

by Peak Performance

Training causes micro-trauma to the body’s tissues, which must heal. This is the first step in increasing the ability of muscle to meet new challenges. The ‘healing’ process not only restores the muscle to its previous strength and endurance, but it increases the strength and endurance of the muscle.