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Race Modeling


by USATF Master Coach Tony Veney


Strenght Training

With our winter training block in mind I wanted to share a few clips of key exercises that I've been using with our sports teams and athletes in pre season and throughout the year......

1) explosive step-ups. A single leg power exercise that gets those muscle fibres firing and developing serious power:
Click here for Explosive Step-Ups

2) single leg exercise in the single leg stiff legged deadlift:
Click here for One Leg Stiff Leg Deadlifts

3) And 2 lunge variations, the first of which is a lateral lunge with an explosive push off:
Click here for Lateral Lunges With Explosive Push Off

4) The second is a simple reverse lunge:
Reverse Lunges

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's -- 15 Min. NTC Intervall-Training

Exercises done by Shelly -Ann Fraser-Pryce which have helped her to become the best female athlete and of course world’s best female sprinter.

6 ways to Improve an Athlete’s Resiliency

Our end performances are determined by our physical and mental approach to our sport.

>> To turn up at every session -  rain, wind, heat or other influences  -  is determined by you (the athlete) in advance.

Mechanics of speed

A slide show of the fundamental aspects of sprinting. The same principles apply to all running.

You should file this email and dig it out and study it on a regular basis. If you understand the content then you can take steps with the help of your coach to be a much faster runner.