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10 Dynamic warm-up exercises

10 Dynamic Warm Up Exercises

Most people grew up thinking five to ten minutes of stretching before any type of physical activity was good for their bodies. The reason for stretching was twofold; to make sure your body was ready to play sports, and also to prevent injuries. Studies have now shown that this type of stretching, like touching your toes for 20 seconds, is no longer beneficial before a workout. The proper warm up technique that has been adopted by many is a dynamic warm-up. This is exactly what it sounds like: a warm up that test balance, flexibility, and strength in order to prepare the entire body. There are many different ways to perform a dynamic warm up:

Dynamic warm-up

Dynamic Warm Ups

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Dynamic Warmup
Lately many running coaches have begun to realize that there is a much better way of warming up for training or competition than the traditional (jog, static stretch, and perhaps some strides).

Dynamic warming up - an alternative to static stretching

Dynamic warm up - an alternative to static stretching

by Alan Stein  (published by by Peak Performance)

Strength and conditioning coaches and trainers are engaged in a constant search for the best ways to improve sport performance. All things being equal, a bigger, faster, stronger, more conditioned athlete will rule supreme on the playing court or field. While there is constant debate over techniques for boosting sport specific speed, power and strength, I believe we tend to overlook the importance of a comprehensive warm-up, and the role it plays in optimising performance in each and every workout, practice and game.