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Mastering Sports Nutrition: Tips for older athletes

Hundred years ago, life expectancy was 42 years. Today, most of us will live twice as long. With age, we gain not only wrinkles and gray hair, but also wisdom, an appreciation for our mortality and the desire to protect our good health. If you are a master's athlete, you also have the desire to remain competitive. You may wonder if you have significantly different sports nutrition needs from younger athletes.

What do you need as an athlete -Nutritional Requirements

What do you need as an athlete - Nutritional Requirements

As with any athletic performance, the health and nutrition of an athlete is all about decision making and making the right choice. Some choices are better than others but, overall, we want to make consistent good decisions more than bad ones. But just satisfying oneself with a good pre-game meal and making poor/bad choices for the rest of the week, will not have the desired effect on any athletic performance. Here I consider the nutritional requirements for an athlete, and provide details of what you should eat, how much, and what to avoid.