Training Program

The aim is to develop and guide our squad members in their chosen track disciplines such as sprints, middle/long distances and hurdles. 

The main objective for our squad members is

  • to achieve better running efficiency by adopting correct running techniques,  
  • to improve their strength and conditioning,
  • to improve their speed and/or endurance
  • to improve hurdles technique (if applicable)

thus enabling all our participating member athletes to achieve the highest possible standard in the division they compete in.

Program Planning

This section covers the basic but most important ingredients of a training cycle

  1. A high level schedule of gym workouts and Track & Field sessions is developed with the appropriate intensity factors established in a cross-dependency matrix between Track and Field and Gym workouts.
  2. A strengthening program is developed by the coach and an exercises specialist, and it focuses only on the needs of the athlete for the required period as per high level schedule in step-1. This is achieved after a detailed assessment at the beginning of each training cycle
  3. Progress of the program in step-2 is monitored online by the coach, the exercise specialist, and all other squad members that have access to the required internet application ....
  4. Detailed Tack and Field program is established and executed by the athlete.
  5. Detailed assessment occurs at the end of each training cycle and the outcome determines the foundation work for the next cycle.


For further information please contact NorthernBeachesAthletics coach, Antony Morphis.